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Sanchit Darekar all of 26 is an aspiring entrepreneur, studying to be a Chartered Account. He is based out of Nagpur and provides finance related services to small scale entrepreneurs, start-ups, home based businesses and service providers. It is his thought process and temperament at such an early age that has taken him way past his article-ship experience and has turned him into an entrepreneur. Just a few months into his article-ship, and his first unexpected opportunity knocked the door! The best thing about it was that he recognized the opportunity and grabbed it. After 9-5 article-ship every day, he would spend some leisure time with a friend who owned and ran a shop. One such evening a customer visiting the shop voiced his requirement of seeking services of someone to file his IT returns. Sanchit, academically familiar with the subject, accepted the challenge. Went home, brushed up his knowledge and approached a friend’s father a practicing CA, for guidance. Once the qualified CA gentleman accepted to help, Sanchit for a modest sum of 200 helped his first client file IT returns. Client was impressed with Sanchit’s sincerity, assistance, knowledge of the subject, document compliance, and above all precision of deliverance. Work started pouring in. He followed work, not money. This is the mantra he holds on to till date. While most clients approached him for IT returns initially, gradually some who placed higher trust and confidence in him, offered GST related tasks. He took it all under his stride and soon his client count rose to around 165 within Nagpur city. Meanwhile another unexpected opportunity knocked and like last time he took it up again. Some individuals offered to get him jobs for a commission.

LAK services, is a Nagpur based Private Limited Company established in 2021; offers a wide range of financial and other legal services; helping clients in diverse sectors to meet various standard and unique needs. It is helmed by Sanchit D (can be linked to personal profile) an aspiring Chartered Accountant and a perceptive entrepreneur.

  • “Facilities that LAK Services provides include filing of personal and business Income Tax Returns, GST Returns, Home & Business Loans, Gumasta, Insurance and book keeping related services. They also have a full-fledged IT department that extends service related to creating digital signatures for clients to meet various requirements.”